December 16, 2018
Updated: Nov. 10 at 2:51 p.m.

Whittemore-Prescott lifts secure mode after two days


WHITTEMORE β€” Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools lifted its secure mode late afternoon Nov. 10.

Superintendent Joe Perrera said the secure mode was lifted after speaking with the Michigan State Police, who had concluded its investigation into the matter.

The district went into secure mode for the second day in a row Nov. 10 following a threat that has yet to be substantiated.

Perrera said the school went into a soft lockdown called secure mode Nov. 9 after a staff member reported a threat a community member allegedly made.

The district contacted the MSP to file a report and investigate the threat.

During secure mode, the doors are locked and children are not sent outside at recess, Perrera said.

The reason for the second day of the lockdown, according to Perrera, is that police have been unable to locate the community member that allegedly made the threat.

β€œIt is better to be safe than sorry,” Perrera said.

This story will be updated as more information comes available.


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karen freeman

If there is the chance of danger to our children or staff WHY IN WORLD DID THEY NOT CALL OFF SCHOOL???????? THIS IS Awful , just because our school is not within a city do they think we can never have anything truly happen to us/ I fear everyday that some loony tune will threaten or take action at our school, we are so far out of the cities that the time element alone scares me... we should have been notified and let us decide whether to send our kids or not... This makes me angry and fearful.. the school may very well be playing God with our kids....

Friday, November 10, 2017 | Report this
Scott Nunn

According to Perrera it was a very indirect threat. Because of that, he chose to put the school into secure mode instead of a full lockdown. The alleged threat was made to a staff member, not to the school or students.

Friday, November 10, 2017 | Report this

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