September 24, 2018

St. Croix resident seeks hometown help


WEST BRANCH — Seeking to help her neighbors on the small Caribbean Island of St. Croix, former West Branch resident Mariah Madden is requesting the help of her hometown.

Madden said she was shocked when St. Croix was flattened by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“The other islands have never been flattened,” she said. “… Their houses were built out of wood and drywall. We were all concrete, so for us to get flattened was unreal. We had a lot stronger infrastructures than the other islands.”

Madden was given humanitarian status by the airline JetBlue, so she will be allowed to take supplies to St. Croix free of charge.

Madden is collecting nonperishables, water and medical supplies including epinephrine injectors, tetanus shots, gauze and syringes, but is limited to two fifty-pound bags of supplies so smaller donations are preferable.

She is heading back to St. Croix on Oct. 10, so supplies should be given to her by Oct. 8.

Those who would like to donate supplies can call or text Madden at 989-329-1718.

Read the complete story in next week’s Ogemaw County Herald.


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