‘Seussical the Musical’ to entertain audiences at OHHS


WEST BRANCH — Get ready for a colorful, action-packed, dancing and singing extravaganza in the Ogemaw Heights High School auditorium, with the theatrical troupe’s performance of “Seussical the Musical” March 13-16.

“Seussical” is a sparkling, energetic blend of many well-known and much-loved Dr. Seuss stories, such as “The Cat in the Hat,” “Horton Hears a Who,” “McElligot’s Pool” and more. Since December, the cast and crew have been working long and hard on this show, making all the magic happen for its appearance on stage this spring.

Amid crazy weather, missed practices, illnesses and various other obstacles during showtime preparation, “Seussical” members pushed through and are now in the final stages of getting ready for opening night. Junior Jony Moore had something to say about these setbacks, affirming that “when life gives you lemons, take them and do the best with what you’ve got.” Jony, who plays one of the mischievous Wickersham Brothers in the show, said even though working around all the snow days and missed rehearsals was rough, the show is still going to be “exuberant.”

When asked about some of the pressures of “Seussical,” junior Sam Baird shared that her first lead role has challenged her in trying to be the best version of her character she can be. Debuting as the flamboyant Mayzie LaBird, Sam has really enjoyed being pushed out of her comfort zone and getting to bring to life Mayzie’s outgoing personality, despite the nerves. She loves “seeing how much work everyone is willing to put into the show to make it great.”

Junior Jamen Deerman attested to this as well, agreeing that this show largely displays everyone’s importance and contribution. Jamen, who will be playing Horton the Elephant in “Seussical,” explained that while some of the scenes and high singing he’s had to do has been strenuous, he is delighted to be playing such a kind and fun character.

Junior Bri Hines, who plays a Who in the show, noted that one of her favorite things about being a part of this musical is becoming a family with the other Whos, meeting new people and forming new relationships. She has loved “seeing everything come together” and looking back on how far the show has come since the first practice.

Freshman Lily Bolyard, who also plays a Who in the show, is loving the entire experience. This is her first year participating in theater, and she described it as being “nerve-wracking at first,” but now it has “become a part of her life.”

Director Toni Thomas wants the public to know that while “Seussical the Musical” seems like a children’s musical, the show truly has several “really good messages and themes that apply to everyone.” Actors and crew will be bringing to life an adventurous tale with many ups and downs, many laughs and sorrows, and unspeakable amounts of fun. The audience can expect to see a gentle giant stand up for what he believes in against all odds, an insecure bird go on a great journey and learn an important lesson about confidence along the way, a young kid scolded for his wild imagination use it to do something spectacular, and much, much more. Thomas assures that this production is going to provide “a great story for all ages.”

Musical direction is provided by Carol Rau and Kevin Salsbury.

Tickets for “Seussical the Musical” are on sale now at The Silver Lining in downtown West Branch or at Ogemaw Heights High School, or by calling 989-343-2090. Each ticket is $10 and they’re going as fast as a Fox in Socks, so don’t be a Yertle the Turtle and Hop on Pop to get yours while they’re hot! Use the brain in your head and feet in your shoes to come have boatloads of fun in the Ogemaw Heights auditorium on March 13-16 at 7 p.m.


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