Logan Township Board votes against medical marijuana ordinance


LOGAN TWP. — There will not be a medical marijuana grow, processing or dispensary center in Logan Township after the board voted down adopting an ordinance to allow such facilities during its Aug. 2 meeting.

The motion to adopt an ordinance was voted down with Clerk Tonya Schagel, Treasurer Shirley Parent and Trustee Travis Miller voting no; and yes votes coming from Supervisor Dave Munson and Trustee Karen Maxwell.

Following the vote, the more than 40 people in attendance at the meeting applauded.

Most of the discussion from the board on the issue revolved around a potential location for the facilities. Had the ordinance passed, the township had another motion ready, to vote whether to allow Michigan True Green to build its facilities in the township. The company has also approached Richland and Mills townships, where ordinances have either not been voted on or have failed.

Local entrepreneur Deanna Kibbe-Virgin, who is part of the Michigan Pure Green, was in attendance at the meeting. She said she was invited by Munson to attend after the issue failed in Mills Township.

The potential location mentioned was at the former golf course at 2160 Sage Lake Rd. All three structures would have been constructed there, pending the state’s decisions with regard to the statewide regulations that are supposed to be coming by late December.

But Kibbe-Virgin said the location wasn’t set in stone.

“We don’t even know if the golf course at this point, if that’s even a set deal,” she told the board and those in attendance at the meeting. “If you don’t opt in, there’s no further discussion anyway. You have to want this in the community. If you do, that is a proposed location for all three licenses.”

The board opened the floor to public discussion, which turned into numerous people standing up and expressing that they were against an ordinance allowing medical marijuana facilities in the township. An unofficial count by the board showed 30 people speaking against, one person who didn’t care and one who was for such facilities.

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic in several townships in recent months as local municipalities vote on the issue ahead of state regulations going into effect in December. Local cities, villages and townships can choose to opt in or opt out of allowing medical marijuana facilities.

Richland Township chose not to vote on the issue earlier in the year, while Mills Township voted it down July 11. Edwards Township is also expected to vote on the issue Aug. 14, when the township is also expected to opt out.

Edwards Township will hold a public hearing on the issue in front of its planning commission starting at 7 p.m. The township meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.


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