October 15, 2018

Bryan Engel
Marketing Representative

Email: sales@arenacindependent.com

Bryan Engel was born and raised in Saginaw. He graduated the with the inaugural class of Heritage High School in 1989. 

Bryan spent several years in the service industry, including waiting tables, bartending, cooking, managing and owning restaurants. He also spent what seems like a lifetime in automotive management for each of the Big Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler), all in the Detroit Metro area. He was making the commute daily of about 125 miles one-way. That gets old.

He said his former bosses asked why he wouldn’t move down there. 

"My response was simple: 'There’s something to be said about only hearing gunshots during hunting season.'"

Bryan now lives with his wife, Jenni, in the corn fields of Auburn. He is the father of three redheads Vincent (21) Isabella (16) and Grace (11).

"They keep our hands full," he said

His hobbies include playing games, Lions football (I know) and listening to good music.

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